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Nice and cozy like I was really out!’

We did an online pub quiz with the Business Breakfast Club of the Ronald McDonald House Sophia Rotterdam. What a party ! There was room to chat and laugh with each other. And because of the fun quiz, there was also a healthy rivalry. It comes down to general knowledge, what have you heard on TV, what have you seen in the newspaper, but also basic knowledge of the past and common facts. Because of the interactive way of presenting it was as if you were actually in the cafe. The only pity was that I had to pour my own drink.

My advice, if you want to do something fun with your team, contact RBE and you are assured of a fun afternoon/evening!

Online, but still the team feeling!

With our department we held an online pub quiz, organized by Rotterdam Business Events. Like many others, due to working from home during COVID-19, we missed informal contact with our colleagues. The employees received a drink box at home that fit through the letterbox. This was well stocked with all kinds of delicacies and (non-)alcoholic drinks. The Rotterdam Business Events team provided a fun and interactive pub quiz with a quizmaster and DJ. Everyone from the team participated fanatically and the atmosphere was good. There was of course a nice prize for the winner. We have received very positive reactions from our team. So in our opinion highly recommended!! And as soon as it is physically possible / allowed again, we would like to organize another pub quiz but somewhere in a cozy location where we can meet again live.

Such a laugh with everyone!

We recently arranged the third pub quiz through Rotterdam Business Events. The experience we have with them is that there is a very professional approach. The online pub quiz is a great success. The reactions we received from our customers were very positive and they are already asking when the next pub quiz is. We can recommend the collaboration with RBE to everyone!

No-nonsense approach and understanding what we find important

We have been doing business with Rotterdam Business Events satisfactorily for a number of years, both with our company Coolfresh and with the VBO Freshworld business association, of which we are a board member. Great company to do business with, always fun and creative ideas!

Once a year RBE organizes our event consisting of approximately 1500 people. This event is one of the, if not the most stressful/tightly managed event in the Netherlands: the set-up is on the same day from 3 p.m., the event starts at 6 p.m. and ends at midnight and at the latest at 2 a.m. everything is completely cleaned up and abandoned. And that for 1500 people, including dinner, artistic acts, DJ and a spectacular closing party. On that day, Rotterdam Business Events directs and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Because of this, our event has an NPS of at least 75 year on year (= score around 9).

‘Fantastic job!

Last year I arranged several events through Rotterdam Business Events, including the course “plat Rotterdams”  by Roel Pot, an escape game on location and an electric scooter tour through the center of Rotterdam. Every time everything was super organized. When I arrange another event in Rotterdam, I will definitely approach Rotterdam Business Events. 

Super well organized with a great team!’

When you call Rotterdam Business Events, you know that your party will be a success. They think along well and do everything they can to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.

I have received only positive response from my colleagues. It was a great day! The game with the search through Rotterdam based on clues that went a step further per envelope, worked great. Just like the group size of 5 to 6 people. Then you really get the chance to get to know your colleagues outside of work. A specific compliment from me is that you guys did a quick customization with a game that covers a wider area based on the use of the subway.

We all had a lot of fun yesterday, everyone was super enthusiastic and we have already received a lot of nice comments that this tastes like more. All this was of course only possible thanks to the efforts of you and your team, very professional in how they guided us through the very varied and challenging program, my compliments to the team of Rotterdam Business Events. On behalf of all of us who participated, thank you for a great day!

Our company is extremely satisfied with events that Rotterdam Business Events has organized for us. Our team event was very tightly organised. This year we had a perfectly organized farewell dinner for one of our board members at the Inntel Hotel in Rotterdam. We will certainly use Rotterdam Business Events again in the future, because they stand for quality and craftsmanship.


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